What to expect:
In classes you will learn how to do different styles of dance including freestyle, lyrical, urban and rock'n'roll. You will also take part in a warm up and cool down plus different fitness exercises to strengthen your body and dance techniques. This in turn develops you further towards your dance and performance goals.

Dance is a disciplines, as with movement art. Having said that our 'general' classes are for people to learn in a fun atmosphere alongside learning all the technical skills they would require if they wanted to pursue a carer in dance or performing arts. It can also be a great place to meet new friends who have a common interest.

Extra Curricular:
We have lots of fun things students can get involved in to use their new found dance skils. This includes ISTD and WATA exams plus shows and demos. Examaninations are offered once or twice a year. Students are examined on routines they have worked on in class to an externial examiner. We have a 100% pass rate with examinations. We have also had many 99% results in ISTD exams. Students have been involved in shows at some fantastic venues including Disneyland Paris, The Royal Albert Hall, Her Majesty's Theatre and more. Shows of this caliber need additional commitment as rehearsals often take place at the weekend.

What to wear and bring:
Most female students wear leggings and fitted t shirts or leotard. You can wear dance shoes or train barefoot. We reccomend bringing a bottle of water to class as we let students have a quick drink break in the middle of class. If it is your first day with us you will need to fill in a consent form. If you are under 16 this will need to be done by a parent or guardian.

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