What to expect:
In classes you will learn how to do different types of vaults, jumps, rolls, acrobatics and climbs. You will also take part in a warm up and cool down plus different fitness exercises to strengthen your body. This in turn develops you further towards your parkour and freerunning goals.

Parkour and freerunning are both disciplines, as with martial arts. To undertake high impact movements individuals need self discipline and focus within classes. Having said this we do aim to create a relaxed, friendly atmosphere where you can find new friends with common goals and interests. We teach students to respect their surroundings and each other. We try to encourage an atmosphere of support towards each other to develop an atmosphere for personal growth.

Extra Curricular:
We have lots of fun things students can get involved in to use their new found parkour and freerunning skils. This includes Urban Ateles Education Parkour Exams plus shows and demos. Examaninations are offered once a year or once every two years. Students follow a routine of movements and perform them infront of an examiner. This is not allowed to be their primary teacher. Exam prep is usually done during classes. Students have been involved in shows at some fantastic venues including The Royal Albert Hall, The Theatre Royal Drury Lane and more. Shows of this caliber need additional commitment as rehearsals often take place at the weekend.

What to wear and bring:
Most students wear tracksuit bottoms and t shirts. You can wear trainers or train barefoot. We reccomend bringing a bottle of water. If it is your first day with us you will need to fill in a consent form. If you are under 16 this will need to be done by a parent or guardian.

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