Winters Academy Rules


- We expect students to be respectful of staff, other students and the general public
- Do not leave classes without permission from the teacher
- No bad language
- Always listen carefully and do not talk when the instructor is speaking as a matter of safety
- NO FILMING or PHOTO TAKING, this is a matter of student safety and we may perminently confiscate any device used for this purpose
- Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated - even between siblings
- If a student is physically violent towards another student or member of staff a suitale level of restraint may have to be administered

General / Fees

- No chewing gum
- No eating during weekly classes
- Wear clothing that does not restict movement - no jeans
- Students must pay in advance of the class; failure to do so may mean sitting out
- If payments are more than 3 weeks late a 10% admin fee is added on
- If you do not pay for fees and we hold any of your property (e.g. trophies) we may hold a lien on it until payment is made


Want to know more about Winters Academy policies? Please email us for more detail. By taking part in sessions you accept the above rules.